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Updates to photo site

Just went live with the new version of my photo site.  Check it out by clicking below:

What’s changed?

1) Better navigation

2) Flash slideshow on the front page

3) Portfolio’s are all flash-based now and easily updateable

4) More pics in most of the portfolios

Keep an eye here as well since now that the site is more update-friendly I’ll be adding content regularly and expanding the features.

Humans generating energy – BEST IDEA EVER!

Check out this article at DVICE.  Immediately I’m thinking of other ways we can harness energy from human movement.  Think of *ALL* those people at the gym on stairclimbers, friction weight machines, etc.  The friction on all those machines could be created by electricity generating systems.

Imagine a model where your gym membership was free because the gym’s could “sell” the electricy you generated while exercising to the grid.

Styrofoam Dome Home

Tom, I thought of you instantly when I saw this.

Interconnectable, fairly cheap, and easy to assemble.  Similar concepts have been around for a while, but this looks to improve on existing cheap, fast, alternative housing offerings.

The article does touch on things like high-resistance to earthquakes, etc.  Given the lightweight, solid construction, I imagine this is quite true and could be a heck of a selling point for at least this “type” of housing in highly volatile areas as either temporary or semi-permanent housing.

DVICE is running the full article.

Knights Templar Sues Pope

The Association of the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ, whose members claim to be descended from the legendary crusaders, have filed a lawsuit against Benedict XVI calling for him to recognise the seizure of assets worth 100 billion euros (£79 billion).

Knights Templar heirs in legal battle with the Pope

Surely this is more for publicity than anything else, and I guess they’re getting it.  I think the Indiana Jones in all of us would like to believe the Holy Grail exists under a cloth in a wooden box in someone’s basement.  Maybe the pope wll countersue them for it.

New Portishead Album – “Third”

Just heard about this on NPR this morning. Portishead has released their first new album in ten years. It’s called “Third”, and from the sounds of the clips they played during the NPR interview they’re once again pushing the boundaries of the genre.


You can buy it here on, or if you’re a torrent-wise pirate, download it here :)

Adobe Unveils Web-Based Photoshop Express

In an attempt to combat the droves of new photography hobbyists running away from the steep price of the “real” photoshop, Adobe has unveiled a completely free photo management/editing application called Photoshop Express. They’re even giving every user that signs up 2GB of storage space with the promise of more in the future.


Radioactive Cat Busted on I-5

Just when you thought it was safe to transport radioactive cats again. . . . .

‘Mind Gaming’ Could Enter Market This Year

Saw this on slashdot today, and I instantly thought of Tom and his occasional mention of how he’s gonna build a “mindball” table and take over the world.

Emotiv, a company based in San Francisco, says its mind-control headsets will be on shelves later this year, along with a host of novel “biofeedback” games developed by its partners.” They even have a mention of “mindball” at the bottom.

While I think this sounds interesting, I also think a gaming society used to mashing buttons will be slow to adopt something so different and much more prone to “failure”.