Updates to photo site

Just went live with the new version of my photo site.  Check it out by clicking below:


What’s changed?

1) Better navigation

2) Flash slideshow on the front page

3) Portfolio’s are all flash-based now and easily updateable

4) More pics in most of the portfolios

Keep an eye here as well since now that the site is more update-friendly I’ll be adding content regularly and expanding the features.

  • Samantha

    March 2nd, 2009

    Hi, Rich.

    I think the changes to the site makes it quite “user friendly.” I’m very impatient,so I know a website “works,” when I don’t want to scream. I need to find things quickly and easily and I was able to. So kudos.

    Beautiful work, too. :)

    Both yours and Tom’s sites work. I’ve been on other photography websites and felt they were too techincal, not accessible, or even personal. I want to feel welcome not pushed way and both of yours offers that “personal touch.” Not the “hi I’m a robot, here to shoot your potrait.”

    Your site appeals to my artistic side too, which is refreshing. It’s inviting and yet says, “I’m an artist. Not Sears Potrait Gallery.” That’s what I want. So, to both you and Tom: Good work. I think you’re “selling” your self without selling your self-out.

    I hope that all makes sense. :)

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