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No, No, Relax. . . Really

Styrofoam Dome Home

Tom, I thought of you instantly when I saw this.

Interconnectable, fairly cheap, and easy to assemble.  Similar concepts have been around for a while, but this looks to improve on existing cheap, fast, alternative housing offerings.

The article does touch on things like high-resistance to earthquakes, etc.  Given the lightweight, solid construction, I imagine this is quite true and could be a heck of a selling point for at least this “type” of housing in highly volatile areas as either temporary or semi-permanent housing.

DVICE is running the full article.

Knights Templar Sues Pope

The Association of the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ, whose members claim to be descended from the legendary crusaders, have filed a lawsuit against Benedict XVI calling for him to recognise the seizure of assets worth 100 billion euros (£79 billion).

Knights Templar heirs in legal battle with the Pope

Surely this is more for publicity than anything else, and I guess they’re getting it.  I think the Indiana Jones in all of us would like to believe the Holy Grail exists under a cloth in a wooden box in someone’s basement.  Maybe the pope wll countersue them for it.

House of Cards

Radiohead has a new kickass vid out for “House of Cards” from their latest album “In Rainbows”.  No cameras were used whatsoever.  The entire thing was shot with lasers.  Checkout the youtube vid below, or download the high-quality version from Radiohead’s own website:×

There’s a “making of” vid here as well: