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No, No, Relax. . . Really

You suck at photoshop

The title is the name of a series of youtube videos I stumbled across that are not only very useful in picking up some photoshop tricks, but they’re funny as hell.

This guy has a knack for keeping you interested while you learn how to do tasks that would otherwise stretch the limits of the average attention span.

Here’s a link to a playlist of #1 through #10 in the series:

Tomek Baginski

This guy has done some of the most amazing 3D animation and modeling I’ve ever seen. His themes are always dark and mysterious often touching on Polish history and current politics. This first flick won him the BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation in 2004.

This next video won him an oscar nomination in the category “short films” in 2002.

Want more Baginski? Click HERE to search for Tomek Baginski on youtube :)