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Balloon Tree

I found this site a few months ago, and just re-found it today while cleaning out my bookmarks.

I like the majority of this guy’s work a lot.  His choice of colors and method of shading is very surreal and nothing short of altogether visually pleasing.

I’m particularly fond of  Dark Future Train.  The illustration seems to demonstrate the artist’s almost limitless imagination and creativity in blending function with fantasy.

It looks like the majority of the illustrations are done with wacom tablet / Photoshop.  Impressive indeed!

Beck – Modern Guilt

Beck’s long been a hero of mine since I crashed my soul into his “Sea Change” album a couple years ago when i was going through some hard times.  If all you remember of Beck is “loser” then you owe yourself an update.  “Sea Change”, “Mutations”, and “Midnite Vultures” are all solid albums that deserve a spin on your crack music player of choice.

A warning though, don’t listen to “Sea Change’” without a case of beer and time to let the tears flow. .

Ok, enough about his past stuff, this new album, “Modern Guilt” is a twist on a lot of the styles he’s already teased us with, but still manages to push some boundaries.  He doesn’t pull it off on all the tracks, and there’s a couple I tend to skip, but “Orphans”, “Chemtrails”, “Modern Guilt”, “Soul Of A Man”, and “Volcano” are all great.

New, New, Refurbished

So what’s all the new about?

Well, firstly we’re now running the latest version of wordpress which has all sorts of dandy code fixes, and a sweeter looking dashboard, better media features, etc.

Secondly, there’s a new iPhone app that lets you post directly to your wordpress blog.  The picture below was taken on my way home from work and posted while I was waiting at the approaching light :)

Refurbished you ask?  Well that describes my nearly-new iPhone.  My old iPhone had some sort of something under the screen in one spot, and the speakers had seemed to have gotten quieter (probably had some pocket lint jammed in there).  So I marched right in the with my old phone and before I could even finish making my case for some warranty service, they handed me a replacement refurbished iPhone.  New case, new battery, new screen. . . they just refurbish the dark innards.  It’s not the new shiny 3G, but that would have come with a steeper priced data plan anyway.

So, expect to see more picture-oriented posts (maybe even just a picture) posted from my iPhone.  I suppose I could include a bit of text too, but it’s darn hard to type anything worthwhile on such a small device.

Thank you WordPress for more kickass free software!