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Back my friend Tom: “The World in a Bubble Project”

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Updates to photo site

Just went live with the new version of my photo site.  Check it out by clicking below:

What’s changed?

1) Better navigation

2) Flash slideshow on the front page

3) Portfolio’s are all flash-based now and easily updateable

4) More pics in most of the portfolios

Keep an eye here as well since now that the site is more update-friendly I’ll be adding content regularly and expanding the features.

House of Cards

Radiohead has a new kickass vid out for “House of Cards” from their latest album “In Rainbows”.  No cameras were used whatsoever.  The entire thing was shot with lasers.  Checkout the youtube vid below, or download the high-quality version from Radiohead’s own website:×

There’s a “making of” vid here as well:

Balloon Tree

I found this site a few months ago, and just re-found it today while cleaning out my bookmarks.

I like the majority of this guy’s work a lot.  His choice of colors and method of shading is very surreal and nothing short of altogether visually pleasing.

I’m particularly fond of  Dark Future Train.  The illustration seems to demonstrate the artist’s almost limitless imagination and creativity in blending function with fantasy.

It looks like the majority of the illustrations are done with wacom tablet / Photoshop.  Impressive indeed!

Tomek Baginski

This guy has done some of the most amazing 3D animation and modeling I’ve ever seen. His themes are always dark and mysterious often touching on Polish history and current politics. This first flick won him the BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation in 2004.

This next video won him an oscar nomination in the category “short films” in 2002.

Want more Baginski? Click HERE to search for Tomek Baginski on youtube :)