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Kuwait Bans Digital SLR Cameras

Traveling to Kuwait?  Leave your DSLR behind.  Kuwait has banned everyone (except journalists) from using Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras in their country.

Not that Kuwait is exactly high up on my list of travel destinations anyway, but seriously. . c’mon!  It feels like the earth is spinning backwards people!

Passenger Strips To Protest Screenings

Samuel Wolanyk, I commend you!

We all need to take security seriously, but the reality is that this will do little or no good at preventing ill-intentioned terrorists from boarding aircraft.

For a good laugh, also check out this post for more images like the above:

3 reasons why it’s finally starting to sound like the 21st century

We’re on our way to invisibility:

Prototype cloaking device removes you from spacetime

There’s bacteria that can fill cracks in concrete (yes, intentionally):

BacillaFilla: Fixing Cracks in Concrete

We figured out to make graphene out of cheap materials, cheaply:

Sweet way to make graphene – just add table sugar


Been listening to a *LOT* of Spoon lately.  They’re easily the best band I’ve never heard of prior to 2010.  Thanks Pandora.