Humans generating energy – BEST IDEA EVER!

Check out this article at DVICE.  Immediately I’m thinking of other ways we can harness energy from human movement.  Think of *ALL* those people at the gym on stairclimbers, friction weight machines, etc.  The friction on all those machines could be created by electricity generating systems.

Imagine a model where your gym membership was free because the gym’s could “sell” the electricy you generated while exercising to the grid.

  • Tom

    December 13th, 2008

    ya know…that´s kind of a no brainer. the great “no duh” moments in life.

  • Steve

    December 29th, 2008

    There is also the addition of power generating floors being tested in Japan’s subways near the ticket booths. Simply by walking on the floor between the dividers people can produce enough power for the ticket booths.

    The idea also seems to be gaining ground at MIT and other such illustrious places of higher learning.

    I can’t wait until 30 minutes on my drum set can power my home servers and workstations for the day. ;P

    Speaking of workstations and home servers… Rich: First, XenServer (t3h sh1t.) for free virtualization at home. They claim “10 minutes to Xen(read Zen)” and they are not kidding. Second, pfSense is a Free BSD disti for network gateways, packet filtering, and flow control.

    I’ve got pfSense running on a 450Mhz Pentium III with 192Mb of PC133 and two Ethernet cards. pfSense is FAST. Stripped down and does exactly what you want. It even has a DNS relay built in which allows you to send certain domains to the void or create local domain aliases for your servers and/or machines. It is way better than relying on WINS. I highly recommend it.

  • Rich

    December 29th, 2008

    Funny you should mention pfSense, since I implemented it to replace my cisco router, sonicwall firewall, and dlink NAT router about 2 months ago:,12270.0.html,12640.0.html

    I’m running 3 intel NIC’s (WAN-cable, OPT1-routable ip’s, and LAN-natted private), and yes, it effing *ROCKS*. I even have load-balancing with failover setup for my web servers :)

    We run Xenserver here at work, but I went with vmware at home. No doubt there’s power to be gained with the hypervisor running on bare-metal, but I’m running 4 servers atop the host OS, and it’s been screamin along without difficulty for 4+ months. In fact, the server you’re accessing right now to view this page is virtualized, and ohh. . you’re routing through pfSense as well (on both ends!)


  • Steve

    December 29th, 2008

    Wow, excellent mod. Short, sweet, to the point. None of those extras. I dig the work logs too. Its always fun to see how you get the end product. I suggest you check out if you’re into modding. They’ve got some excellent work logs over there.

    That pfSense box is overkill, though. I’m sure it screams.

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