Adobe Unveils Web-Based Photoshop Express

In an attempt to combat the droves of new photography hobbyists running away from the steep price of the “real” photoshop, Adobe has unveiled a completely free photo management/editing application called Photoshop Express. They’re even giving every user that signs up 2GB of storage space with the promise of more in the future.


Radioactive Cat Busted on I-5

Just when you thought it was safe to transport radioactive cats again. . . . .

Happy Easter

May your Easter baskets runneth over with tasty candy, your tummies fill with the warmth of home-cooked easter dinners, and for my dad, may your peeps get stale enough to eat before someone throws them out :)

Happy Easter everyone!

‘Mind Gaming’ Could Enter Market This Year

Saw this on slashdot today, and I instantly thought of Tom and his occasional mention of how he’s gonna build a “mindball” table and take over the world.

Emotiv, a company based in San Francisco, says its mind-control headsets will be on shelves later this year, along with a host of novel “biofeedback” games developed by its partners.” They even have a mention of “mindball” at the bottom.

While I think this sounds interesting, I also think a gaming society used to mashing buttons will be slow to adopt something so different and much more prone to “failure”.