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Less than 2 hours until Apple WWDC 2010

Beginning  at 10am pacific (1pm eastern), Steve Jobs is expected to take the stage @ WWDC 2010 for the keynote.

He’s expected to announce the new iPhone 4G, given it’s leak via gizmodo and various Vietnamese sources, but what else?  AT&T has recently bumped up eligibility for nearly all of their current iPhone customers (or at least those currently still holding the original iPhone or a 3G) as referenced here:

and here:

My guess is that the AT&T move signals Apple will announce an end date to the exclusivity of their relationship with AT&T for the iPhone.  AT&T will have to start treating their Apple-loving customers a little nicer if it wants to keep them.

Coincidentally, the touchscreen on my wife’s 8GB original iPhone died yesterday, and while the phone still boots and works, it’s impossible to interact with.  She’s already eying my 3GS, and I’m eying the possibility of a 4G :P

How to get rejected from the app store (iPhone OS)

After shedding light on an impending rootkit demo for Android yesterday, seems only fair to share this link today bout Apple’s rejection policies:

The article goes on to list 12 well-known sure fire ways to get your app rejected, and admittedly more than half seem to be more rooted in corporate evil than any sort of sense.  I’m still happily clutching my iPhone, but it does leave me wondering how long Apple can hold onto their iPhone/iPad/iPod userbase with innovation and design quality when they’re so busy alienating them with limited choices after the purchase.

iPhone users finally get tethering

AT&T has finally announced a tethering plan for the iPhone as well as new plans for data packages in general (replacing the old ones for NEW customers).  More info here:

What I want to know is this:

Will I be able to tether my iPad to my iPhone?  This seems like a no-brainer and a perfect example of Apple technology working together, but will undoubtedly be blocked by the money-hungry suits at AT&T hoping users pony up for TWO data plans.  I hope I’m wrong.


AT&T claims you won’t be able to tether the iPad through an iPhone, but that the issue is not contractual.  Instead, it’s a limitation of how Apple has blocked the bluetooth PAN profile on the iPad.

Much like how MyWi continues to be the main reason people are willing to jailbreak their iPhone, I can see this being a damn good reason to jailbreak an iPad since given the choice between the two, I’d rather jailbreak a device that isn’t tied to a contract and that I don’t count on to make calls, etc.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.