Am I the only one that thought this sinkhole pic was photoshopped?

When I first saw this pic of a sinkhole in Guatemala, I could sware it was photoshopped.  I actually visited 3 different news sites to see if they were all running the same shot, and sure enough they were.

Well, I guess I can give up waiting for news it’s faked since there’s respectable boots on the ground and it turns out it’s completely real, but not a sinkhole at all.

The hole measures 66′ wide, and is an astonishing 100′ deep.

Sam Bonis, a Guatemalan geologist, says it’s actually a piping feature, and is due to the fact that the city doesn’t sit on bedrock at all.  In fact, it’s sitting on volcanic “pumice fill” that’s up to 600′ deep in places.    Due to how this pumice fill reacts to water flow, and the lack of bedrock for such great depths, Sam says this is likely to happen again, and again.

The entire city is in danger of becoming swiss cheese.

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